digital marketing trends 2017

What to Look Out for in the Digital Marketing Industry During 2017

Last year was a roller-coaster ride for digital marketers. First, there was Pokémon Go which pushed the limits of what a viral hit can do. Then came the VR devices, strongly hinting that it’s the newest advertising channel.
Facebook also came up with a new algorithm to curb misleading click-bait headlines on the platform.

Also, who can forget the election? Digital marketing certainly had a larger than life hand in that.

No matter how you look at it, the digital marketing industry was remarkably different at the end of the year 2016 than it was when the year started.

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afforadable marketing strategies for solopreneurs

5 Insanely Affordable and Actionable Marketing Strategies for Solopreneurs

You are sick and tired of reading vague — borderline useless — marketing strategies aren’t you?
I don’t blame you.

I mean, doesn’t it make you feel nauseous every time you read tips like, “Be professional” or “Have a website?”

Now don’t get me wrong, those are definitely good tips. However, those tips are too mainstream that even your neighbor’s grandmother probably already knows about them.

Let me put it this way: If you come up to me asking me for tips on how to stay healthy and live a longer life, and I give you an answer along the lines of, Breathe. If you don’t breathe, you’re going to die due to lack of oxygen. Not only that…”

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Insanely Sharable Ideas

How to Come Up With Insanely Shareable Content Topics Your Audience Will Love

How to Come Up With Insanely Shareable Content Topics Your Audience Will Love

It’s been months since you’ve commissioned your writers to publish content on your website every-single-day. While they’ve managed to stay consistent with doing just that, you couldn’t help but wonder: “Why on earth isn’t my website getting any traction?”

At this point, it’s as if looking at your site’s traffic, your articles’ share count, or the overall audience engagement that you’ve garnered is like playing a game of “Where’s Waldo?”

They’re almost non-existent!


Friends, I know how frustrating it can be. After all, creating and publishing content can be very expensive. If you’re not getting anything in return out of your content creation efforts, then it isn’t far fetched for you (or anyone) to be discouraged and call it quits.

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