What to Look Out for in the Digital Marketing Industry During 2017

digital marketing trends 2017

Last year was a roller-coaster ride for digital marketers. First, there was Pokémon Go which pushed the limits of what a viral hit can do. Then came the VR devices, strongly hinting that it’s the newest advertising channel.
Facebook also came up with a new algorithm to curb misleading click-bait headlines on the platform.

Also, who can forget the election? Digital marketing certainly had a larger than life hand in that.

No matter how you look at it, the digital marketing industry was remarkably different at the end of the year 2016 than it was when the year started.

And so you might be wondering, what does this all mean for 2017? Are we going to see drastically different search engine algorithms this year? Will social media sites like Facebook change the ground rules following the election fake news fiasco?

While we can’t answer these questions decisively for now, since 2017 has just started, all of us can at least agree that there are a lot of things to look forward to this year and we can anticipate certain trends to take shape.

Let’s take a look at what some of these trends might be:

Expect a mobile boom

Several years ago, the marketing world saw a boom in the social media space even though it didn’t happen overnight and it took quite a while to happen.


In the past couple of years, however, we have seen similar trends for mobile.


Look at the statistics:

The mobile market is rapidly expanding in Asia too. These movements are expected to come together into a megatrend this year.

That being said, you can expect a lot of campaigns for brand awareness to appear on mobile platforms. Your competitors will surely be doing this.

The messenger bots are coming

Facebook has been talking a lot about messenger bots in recent months.


A messenger bot is an AI-powered algorithm that can interact with customers in a way that a human sales rep might.

The messenger bot software will be powering Facebook Messenger.

There are already as many people on Facebook Messenger as there are on Facebook. Businesses are increasingly relying on Facebook Messenger to deliver customer service.

Facebook is vigorously pushing to add more users to Messenger. The company is also heavily invested in developing messenger bot software.

“We are testing if business bots can re-engage people on threads with sponsored messages, it’s a small tiny test,” David Marcus, lead developer of Facebook Messenger, told Forbes recently.  So, don’t be surprised if you see a bot invasion on Facebook Messenger this time next year.

What exactly can Facebook Messenger do for businesses?

A lot, apparently. You can migrate at least segments of your online customer service to Facebook Messenger.

Also, Messenger is showing signs of being a promising platform to collect valuable data regarding how customers interact with businesses.

That being said, you should start your preparation to adopt Facebook Messenger in one of your marketing or sales channels.

Marketing automation is bound to get more traction.

It can be expected that many aspects of social media management and email marketing will be automated in 2017.

The biggest trend that emerged in 2016 in the marketing world is the rapid adoption of machine learning software and predictive analytics. These things make automation possible and easy.

For example, software companies like MailChimp make it easy to automate certain aspects of email marketing.

Many businesses already use popular automation software like Hootsuite and Buffer, for things like scheduling Facebook posts for a later date.

Cloud solutions are also making it easy for tech-savvy businesses to customize automation. Tools like MavSocial make this possible to a certain extent.

Social media will be a major channel for lead generation

Let’s face it. Social media is no longer a simple collection of networks for brand building.

Social networks like Facebook have pushed the envelope to become a multifunctional platform for business marketing, lead generation, and providing customer service.

If some businesses — especially the small ones — still think that Twitter and Instagram are only for brand building, then they are wrong.

Lead generation is essentially about finding out what your target audience wants to buy and what prevents them from buying from your company.

The ultimate goal of lead generation is to convert a casual browser to a paying customer.

No channel is more suited for this than social media. This year, it will become even better.

Your company will not be directly selling to customers on social media. Rather, your company will be engaging with customers to find out what they want.

As mentioned above, messenger bots this year will make gathering this intelligence even easier.

Considering this new reality, your marketing strategy should focus on social media for lead generation this year.

Honesty is MUCH MORE important now, than ever.

You may have already read in the news that social networks like Facebook and Twitter are tweaking their algorithms. They are specifically doing this now to filter out dubious links promoting fake news and spreading falsehoods around the web.

Marketers should pay attention too.

Facebook, earlier last year, upgraded its algorithm to filter out click bait headlines. Clickbait is essentially the lifeblood of traffic-driven content.

Content creation is important for brand building and product awareness. However, the old tricks might not work this year.

Social media sites are highly motivated to have their platforms promote only authentic, high-quality, and accurate content.

That means marketers should also focus on creating content that portrays facts truthfully. Exaggerations, hyperbole and the stretching might cause them truckloads of problem down the line.

If you don’t aim to create content that reputable websites will want to publish, the chances are your company will be sidelined this year.

Marketing in 2017

Most things will remain the same. But a lot of things will also change.

Don’t re-frame your marketing strategy this year with the same mindset that you had in 2016.

Keep an eye out for what’s changing, especially in the technology field.

Anticipate rapid advances and changes because of AI software. Don’t let these changes catch your company off guard.

Last but not least, do not implement changes to your usual marketing strategy rapidly. Do it gradually, without losing touch with your company’s brand image and goals.

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  1. Vincent
    Vincent says:

    Superb analysis. Definitely things will change and everyone needs to be set to follow any current trend. However caution needs to be applied in order not to lose the company’s goals . Thanks.

  2. Jake
    Jake says:

    Obviously, the signs are clearly visible. Digital marketing will no doubt take a different dimension. It’s just a good advice to be proactive and be systematic in implementing new changes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kalpesh
    Kalpesh says:

    Thanks for taking time to give an insight of what we might possibly be expecting from digital marketing. Quite helpful. Cheers.

  4. Ernest
    Ernest says:

    Hi, your article is quite educative. I’ll love to know know if I can subscribe to your newslettesr in order to get constant updates on latest marketing strategies.Still trying to understand how to reap the benefits of facebook messenger. Thanks.


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